To put an image of a Japanese warrior on your body means to fully understand, follow and honor the rules and traditions that the samurai lived by. Read the reviews. In general, Oni is considered as defensive sign, a tattoo to frighten away other evil spirits. Tatuaggio Giapponese: Intro, tecnica, storia, simboli, significati e approfondimenti. A phoenix can symbolize eternal love and the hope of a rebirth after death. Samurai are known as magnificent warriors, masterfully owning their swords and art of combat. The tattoo was typically applied to those who were particularly good at the art of combat. The members of the clan were obliged to have a tattoo and it is said that the full body tattoo appeared as an element of Yakuza culture. A multitude of leaves represents regeneration and resurrection. Japanese Yakuza tattoos are a whole world of symbols which represented the courage of the Yakuza men, their masculinity as well as devotion to the gang. For example, bamboo shoots stretching upwards in green emphasize the desire for development, the ability to recover from difficult storms of life. Una geisha è una donna molto preziosa, dal portamento elegante e dal pensi… Do not deny yourself the joy of a new tattoo! A turtle is a common image in Eastern mythology, a symbol of wealth, wisdom, protection, luck and longevity, since it is believed that it is able to live forever, unless it is killed. The image can be seen in many attractive tattoos and is popular among both men and women. Cherry blossoms represent beauty and the fragility of life in Japanese culture but also symbolize life itself – vibrant, beautiful, but ultimately finite and brief. Kumonryu Shishin – a character form the fourteenth-century Chinese novel, Suikoden, whose body was covered with images of nine drgons (Kumonryu literally means “Nine Dragons”) and fought against the corruption and greed of the rich. Cherry trees blooms in early spring, and very quickly lose the petals of their flowers. The traditional images are called ukiyo-e – “images of the floating world”. Irezumi is the official term for ancient pigment modifications. The most popular and iconic image in Japanese style tattoos is a dragon. Each component of the whole image must contain a sense and characterize the person. Il tattoo giapponese racconta una storia attraverso l’uso delle immagini e le sue combinazioni, ai fini di delineare il carattere di chi lo porta. The tattoo is a symbol of masculinity as well. © SkinINK | Catalog | Map | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use | Contacts, Cause And Effect Of Tattoos And Piercings. Turtles, or minogame, are usually depicted in water, sometimes with other water-related creatures. Here you can find everything about Simbologia Giapponese Tattoo. Coming from mythology is the image of the turtle- dragon which is a symbol of the harmony of the universe. Japanese skull tattoos do not have the general negative meaning of danger and death, which is widely popular. It is essential to understand the meaning of any image but for Japanese tattoos, it is crucial. On our site you can find many other information about tattoos. People believed that cranes are able to turn into people, and, often taking the shape of wandering monks, do good deeds. It is one of the iconic symbols in Japanese tattoos linked with water and most often Koi are depicted swimming upstream which represents the struggling to overcome obstacles. Geisha is a famous female profession in Japan, geishas entertained guests with singing, dancing and interesting conversations. Cranes have always enjoyed special honor and in Japan they are considered as a national treasure and a sacred bird. Tattoos were forbidden by law for anyone else. However, there is another meaning. Hannya mask tattoos are also based on Japanese folklore. Generally, these animals symbolize strength, power, and courage. The images which are used represent the personal beliefs of the man and are blended in a way to tell a story. The most popular image in the group of flowers is, of course the sakura (cherry blossoms) followed by Chrysanthemums, lotus and peonies. The images are directly related to the medieval samurai custom to bring the severed heads of defeated enemies to their commanders. As these magical creatures are associated with air as well as water, dragons are often illustrated with waves. For example, lions, dragons and demons are combined with flowers, indicating a balance of strength and beauty. You are in the right place. Expand your knowledge of tattoos. As we mentioned, Japanese style tattoos are large sized, quite complex and due to that they are applied for more than one day, so if you consider such a tattoo, you need to be prepared that it will take several visits to the studio. The meaning of samurai tattoo design is loyalty, honor and justice, strength and fearlessness, physical perfection, devotion and discipline. It was applied to those Yakuza members who were involved in smuggling and drugs. The short life of these tender beautiful flowers inevitably made sakura a symbol of the short life of a warrior and of the short period of youth and attractiveness of a geisha. Usually, the bird is tattooed with brightly colored plumage and a long flowing tail and since it is associated with fire it is often used as an opposition to the dragon (fire and water). Japanese tattoos – symbols, meaning and design ideas, Types of Japanese tattoos and traditional images, Japanese tattoos meaning – understanding the symbols. On the other hand, peonies can be a symbol of harmony, feminine beauty, elegance and spring. INTRO. In these tattoos several elements and images are combined and there are no empty areas between them – all the area is filled with ornaments. This principle applies to Japanese tattoos as well. Namakubi tattoos (severed head tattoos) as much as some people consider them to be shocking, are greatly symbolic and one of Japanese most popular images. It is a symbol of transformation, triumph over obstacles, loyalty, rebirth, and renewal. The phoenix, as well as the chrysanthemum flower, is a symbol of the Japanese emperor. When Koi fish is depicted swimming in the downstream direction, it symbolizes obstacles and struggle which are not yet overcome. We hope you find the information you are interested in. Former prisoners, too, decorated themselves with large-scale ornaments and patterns. Chrysanthemums come in a huge variety of sizes and colors and in Japanese tattoos they are depicted as large flowers with narrow petals radiating upwards from the center. The composition of a Japanese tattoo is very important. Samurai tattoos are often combined with kanji symbols representing the Bushido laws. The tattoo is a symbol of masculinity as well. are: Kintaro – one of the most popular characters in Japanese folklore, which is a mix of the local deity (kami) of fertility with a real historical figure. Chrysanthemum is a symbol of autumn as this is the time when these flowers bloom. Tattoos were allowed only to firefighters, so they decorated their body with very intricate drawings. Samurai tattoos are often combined with kanji symbols representing the Bushido laws. Japanese geisha tattoos are exquisitely beautiful and most often are the choice of people who value everything beautiful or people of art. Generally, the meaning of Koi fish is luck, success, hard work, and determination. It is considered a symbol of luck and prosperity, courage, bravery and the ability to take risks which made peonies extremely popular among the samurai, yielding only sakura to popularity.

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