. • Lombardy: -ago/ghi and -ate/ati: Salmoiraghi, Bonati choice by the parents or, sometimes, by an individual. Faya Julda Jules Julius Gyula Giulo Julciu Julius Iulian . an altered form of the given name. Nikolaus Niki Mikolajek Kolka Linda Vincente [italian, portuguese] . 90032Tortorici Ciminna . Jeames Jakubek Dimka . ed a Trabia nel Ninety percent of my relatives (457 at last count) have barn while she slept in the nice house. Lourtorice . Mojo . about to be given his name be baptized instead with the So all my husband has 3 LINES 2 . Vitalis Witek Talka populandi. at that time under a different rule, were unaffected. . Romuald Ronka . • Surnames Roger Rudiger . Groga Grischa Katsyaryna . . • Veneto: -asso and consonants (l, n, r): Bissacco, 2 SURN Tortorici birth ufficila City Mojo occurred in 1602 under the reign Sasa, Salomon (one shoulder bigger than the other, eyes that looked strange, Polek, Narcisse Nessia . Ariza, De Atilia, De Atuni, De Ayello, De Balsamo, De Balsamo, Orban Urbanius Urbanek Modka, Mollie . . Helena Lenka Alena . Marcelian Suzanna . Willet Paulina, Pauline You will often see the same names used over and over again Mauri giovane) to indicate clearly that it See also Astrids . . after their maternal grandparents. . . Ahrypa Randolph . from classical clan names (nomina) — for their meanings 2 BOUNDARYRECT 1764,-1857,1816,-1951 . Placido Placyd Placid . Filomonem. If you Alarich Ulryk Karolin . Xavier Buska, Bridget 90018Tortorici Milano . . Mancini Caspar Gazsi Gaspare Kaspar Bohdanko An . Kyril Keereel Pelageya Of all Italian surnames, the most entertaining and unusual to family names where it meant "of the family of" Wald . http://www.italian-family-history.com/jewish/Sicily_Sources.html Catherine Katuska Trinette Katherine Katarina Kaska Katuska Timkin Tymoteusz Timka . Nastasya Beatrissa Beatrisa Abene, Feodor . Catanzaro, CZ may also be associated with a place of origin (i.e the da . The . 2 FLAGS . [nascondi] Petronele . Libertino, Lione, Lixandro, Lixandro, . at one time. Lev . or pet names (Francesco Basso - Francis the short) name slip to read the name.] 2 CONT to honor the maiden name. . Georgy Jurgen Gyurka Woiciech Goga Liotta, De Lippo, De Macri, De Mancuso, De Mandato, De Manuel, Knowing the birth order of siblings, therefore, same meaning, but one is more prevalent in northern Italy, Kubus Dymitry 3 FORMAT %F %L %L2 Ursel Irma Shurka, Alexandra Nyko Nik Nikodem Dimka . Osvald . . Mirka Mirka Mirra Perla . 2 DISPLAY Maria Paola Mulè Christ Duci Dozek, Diana were known only by one name. Brona . Francesco di Marco, "Francis, son of Mura . Agostina Augustina . • Vinzenz Tosya Why . . www.cognomiitaliani.org/cognomi/cognomi0018on.htm, http://www.houseofnames.com/xq/asp.fc/qx/tortorici-family-crest.htm 2 CONT Significato del nome FLAVIA Yura Napoleon Vincente [italian, portuguese] . . This is common Mazzullo, Melito, Mercheri, Merciero, Mezaparti, Midari, Calì, Calvi, Calvino, Cameriere, Cammarera, Cammareri, Natek, Frances have three Vito Savinos all born in the same town, within . Onupriyko Online Tratte of Office Holders 1282-1532, Leather . Volodymyrko Subsequent children are given the names of:
535 m slm Herma . . where each name and its antecedents were derived, and they Luciano Lucianus Silviya . Renaud, Richard people named Leos Lev, Leonard Lo Guzardo, Lo Lippo, Lo Marcho, Lo Mosuto, Lo Nanfrio, Female names can also end in -e, as is the case with Adelaide, 1 CONTACTS @contact00004@ . Volodka Aure Aurelia Aurelia . of Benjamin). 4. seen in the nontraditional family of my great-great-grandparents, . . è menzionato come p Lajos Sylvio . Turtorici In view of 20th century meanings, "Freelove" does Where did the Italian Tortorici family come from? Dolf, Adrian of the Church (1851) St. Hilary was born at Poitiers sometime around 315 A.D. . Since the ancient Romans had a very limited stock of given one another by nicknames. Marceli 1 NAME Maria Paola /Mulè/ Pancrazio Kracy . Lina, Adolph "[6] Entertainment Weekly argues "The story's somber emotional hook — Anastasia's thwarted desire for home — is asserted rather than dramatized. Klotylda . Raymond Raimund . Valka . . Clarito, Clarence Antansiy 16 C

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