Social Party

20:00 – 23:00
Socialparty at Marina San Giusto with dinner,
award-giving projects of excellence and start up of social enterprise
with the contribution of the great Orchestra of the “Club Zyp”
and with the social concert of: Maxmaber Orkestar

MSG Marina San Giusto

Located in the piers of the old Port of the city, Marina San Giusto has been the hub of nautical tourism in Trieste for over twenty years. Its main characteristic is the centrality, which immediately immerses the guests in the pulsating heart of the former maritime capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Maxmaber Orkestar

Maxmaber Orkestar formed in 2003 in Trieste, the Austro-Hungarian port where Central Europe meets the Mediterranean: a city which is a natural bridge between Eastern and Western Europe. Voices, accordion, sax, violin, guitar, drums and double bass will guide you on a journey through the folk traditions of Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.