I Peer Support Workers they are people who, having experienced a psychic discomfort, they provide their experience.

Through Active listening and concrete actions, they help those who find themselves in difficulty, to regain their self-esteem, autonomy and hope in a recovery.

Peers, sharing their own history, give people the means to identify themselves and thus feel less sun in their suffering.

Sconfinamenti 34. LAB

The place of which we speak in this issue 34 of the semi-annual overrunning magazine might seem simple: the place where the idea and the hand blend together in creative action, as in no other. But Perhaps it is for this reason, because of its disarming simplicity, that social professions complicate it, make it torturous, approve it to the complexity of their other actions, to the indefinite nature of their purposes, of their beneficiaries. Fortunately For us, but especially of our friends and companions of adventures that would be the famous “recipients”, there are craftsmen, there are people accustomed to translating into objects and subjects their thoughts, their ideas, their habit to do, but above all to Do immediately, that is now. And, fortunately, there are LABORATORIES, places of the now.

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The Dignity of risk

The dignity of risk is the video documentation of the path of a group of people. Initially users of the mental health services of Trieste, after training and internship at the CSM in Trieste and at the Recovery College in Utrecht, Netherlands, they became Peer Support Workers. Their suffering, therefore, becomes opportunity for growth, job opportunity and ability to put to use their experiences helping others.

Video realizzato da HeadMadeLab

HeadMadeLab è un laboratorio creativo-multimediale.

Ispirato all’integrazione fra politiche sociali e sanitarie, mercato del lavoro, formazione e cultura, il laboratorio, attraverso le sue attività ed iniziative, si propone come strumento concreto per l’attivazione sul territorio di progetti rivolti sia all’inclusione dei soggetti svantaggiati che alla partecipazione attiva dei cittadini.