33rd Annual Social Firms Europe CEFEC Conference of the European Network Social Firms Europe




Direction of Mental Health Department, Via E. Weiss, 5 (Map)

15:00 – 18:30
Executive Committee Meeting (only Executive Committee members)
17:00 – 18:30


Visit to the cultural park of San Giovanni (ex mental Health Hospital) (Details)

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Theatre Franca e Franco Basaglia cultural Park of San Giovanni, Via Edoardo Weiss, 13 (Map)

09:00 – 09:30


09:30 – 13:00


Petru-Vasile Gafiuc: General Secretary, SFE CEFEC – Welcome to all SFE CEFEC-delegates
Felicitas Kresimon: President Social Firms Europe CEFEC and Duemilauno Agenzia Sociale
Eleonora Vanni: President Legacoopsociali ITALY
Roberto Mezzina: Director Mental Health Department Trieste


Lorenzo Torresini: European democratic psichiatry – San Giovanni 1972, The birth
Margherita Sartorio: Instituto iXè – The perceived public opinion on social cooperation
Antonina di Berardino: EURICSE Area ricerca – Social Balance Sheet, a tool for analysis and innovation

Federica Visentin e Manuela Daniel: Legacoop FVG – Project Cooperattivamente – Introduce cooperation and social economy tools into the educational systems


Gerhard Suder: Executive Director Lebenshilfe Soltau e.V. – The long way to participate in working life
Asta Jaseliūnienė: Director VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras – Social enterprises in Lithuania: Challenges and Opportunities
Richard Mehmed: Managing Director Community Wood Recycling – Community Wood Recycling: protecting the planet and changing lives – a model to follow?
Umberto Carrescia Città Azzurra, Circle, Pablo Cangiano Duemilauno Agenzia Sociale, Maurizio Marrone Circle: Social enterprise beyond the borders of Europe


Social enterprise in Europe, challenges and opportunities
Greece: Athina Fragkouli Pan Hellenic Federation of Social Cooperatives and Society of Social Psychiatry & Mental Health
Sweden: Leif G. Wastfeld, Rysseviken
Finland: Jukka Lindberg, Development Manager, Vates Foundation
Germany: Christiane Haerlin, BAG Inklusionsfirmen
Italy: Fabrizio Valencic, Cooperativa Sociale Arcobaleno

Moderation: Petru-Vasile Gafiuc, General Secretary, SFE CEFEC



Direction Mental Health Services cultural park of San Giovanni

14:00 – 17:00


  1. PEER to PEER: The role of peer support workers in social enterprise. With the participation of the: Peer support group of Duemilauno Agenzia Sociale and Elena Bortolotti e Luigi Gui University of Trieste – Department of Human Studies
  2. SOCIAL COOPERATIVE WORK INTEGRATION: Instructions for use and state of the art in Italy.
    Coordination by: Alberto Alberani vicepresident Legacoopsociali Italy, Michela Vogrig president COSM e vicepresident Legacoopsociali FVG and Luisa Russo Cooperativa sociale Lavoratori Uniti Franco Basaglia. Partecipation of:  Giancarlo Carena president Cooperativa Sociale Agricola and Alessandro Darvini Cooperativa Duemilauno Agenzia Sociale
  3. IN FAVOR OF HEALTH AND INCLUSION, B+AExperiences of integration between social enterprises beyond the procurement system, models in comparison.
    Coordination by: Stefania Grimaldi Cooperativa sociale La Collina and Sergio Serra Cooperativa Duemilauno Agenzia Sociale. Intervene Eleonora Vanni presidente nazionale Legacoopsociali Italy, Gianluigi Bettoli president Legacoopsociali FVG,  Dario Parisini presidente Consorzio Interland, Pablo Cangiano director Cooperativa Duemilauno Agenzia Sociale
  4. Project SEPAL: Supporting Employment Platform through Apprenticeship Learning – SEPAL
    Coordination by: Petru-Vasile Gafiuc and Marian Dascalu SFE – CEFEC
  5. Project SMILES: Integration of vulnerable groups and Migrants: The work on Life Experience Skills
    Coordination by: Eija Makkonen e Vassiliki Tsekoura

17:30 – 19:00


  1. Visit to the cultural park of San Giovanni (ex mental Health Hospital) (ex mental Health Hospital) (Details)
  2. Visit to social enterprises in the city of Trieste: Trieste La Bora, Consorzio Ausonia (ex mental Health Hospital) (Details)


Molo Venezia, 1 (Mappa)

22:00 – 23:00


Socialparty al Marina San Giusto with Buffet and SFE CEFEC Awards: prizegiving to best practices and start up of social enterprises
with the contribution of the Grande Orchestra del “Club Zyp” and musical entertainment by “Max Maber Orchestra”

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How to get to the location? Download the map



Auditorium Museo Revoltella (Map)

09:00 – 12:00


Carlo Grilli, assessore for Social Politics, Municipality of Trieste
Riccardo Riccardi, Vicepresident of the Region and assessore of Health Services, Region Friuli Venezia Giulia
Paolo Felice, Vicepresident Legacoop FVG


Giovanni Carrosio: University of Trieste Department Political Science – Social enterprises and the development of internal areas
Ludger Kolhoff: University Ostfalia – Germany – Start up in the social field – challenges and requirements
Diego Lo Presti: Società Mutuo Soccorso Cesare Pozzo – Social Innovation in comunity welfare policies: health care, prevention and social-sanitary assistance with inclusive mutualistic tools and social impact
Alberto Dreassi: University Trieste – Department of Economics, Business, Mathematics and Statistics – Cooperation, social enterprise and finance: can they coexist?
Rossella Apollonio, Marianelda Miniussi, Mariella Naperotti: Comune di Trieste SIIL – Elements of innovation in the service of integration and work inclusion
Giuliana Salvador and Gabriella Sousa: Comune di Trieste, Project Trieste La Bora – An experience of integration and work production between pubblic and private subjects


Restitution of the results of the Workshops of the 19th
with the participation of the Umberto Carrescia e Maurizio Marrone



By the staff of Social Firms Europe CEFEC and the organizers of the conference

12:00 – 14:00

Social Firms Europe CEFEC Annual General Meeting

* The agenda is under construction: chronological order of interventions and names may be modified
** An Italian-English INTERPRETING SERVICE IS GUARANTEAD in the plenary sessions

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How to get to the location? Download the map

The initiative will take place over two consecutive days of frontal interventions, workshops, comparisons and exchanges, social events and awards.
The event aims to be an opportunity for networking and discussion between the various Italian and international social enterprises, in an equal context, together with representatives of local and Italian social policies (Heads of Departments of local Health Services, local Social Services Managers and Councilors, Representatives of Regional Health Organizations and others) and Italian and International academics and researchers. This interdisciplinary and transnational exchange can be an opportunity to gather ideas and assumptions to create the basis and political perspectives for the actualization and the qualitative and quantitative strengthening of the social economy, with particular attention to the realities of Eastern Europe countries, thanks also to the innovative nature of the project proposals that the conference will be able to produce through the thematic workshops.

Collaborators and supporters – 33rd Social Firms Europe 2019