Trieste is the ideal place to host this initiative, as it is a prestigious city of innovation. Trieste is well known both for world-renowned scientific organizations such as ICTP, SISSA and Sincrotrone and for Dr. Franco Basaglia’s historic revolution in the field of mental health, based on knocking down walls and restraints to be replaced by paths of inclusion and democracy in the light of sustainability and social economy. Just starting from his theories and experience in the field of mental health, in 1972 the first Italian social cooperative called “CLU Franco Basaglia” was born for the inclusion of fragile individuals.
During the conference it will be possible to take part in a guided tour of San Giovanni Cultural Park, formerly Trieste Province Psychiatric Hospital.

19 June

San Giovanni Park

The park welcomes institutions, associations and social cooperatives. Many are the people who work there and even more those who attend it. In San Giovanni The doors are always open for everyone.


The Theatre Franca and Franco Basaglia

The Theatre Franca and Franco Basaglia is a property of cultural and historical value, located in the district of San Giovanni in Trieste. An artistic-cultural space, equipped to host theatrical performances, music, conventions, conferences.
It is entitled to the spouses Basaglia, prominent figures of psychiatry and inspirers of the homonymous law that reformed psychiatric hospitals in Italy.


20 June

The Revoltella Museum

The Revoltella Museum is a modern art gallery in Trieste. It was the house where the Baron Pasquale Revoltella lived, who at his death in 1869, left it to the city along with all his works, furnishings and books that it contained.


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