33rd International Conference Social Firms Europe CEFEC

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Social Firms Europe CEFEC

Social Firms Europe CEFEC is the only network of Social Firms across Europe! At a time when employment is increasingly difficult for individuals who are at a significant distance from the labour market because of their disability or disadvantage, it is essential that we create the jobs for such groups and one of the most obvious solutions is to facilitate the start-up and operation of Social Firm and social co-operative businesses that offer real, paid, sustainable employment options within a supportive working environment.



Società Cooperativa Sociale Impresa Sociale is a social cooperative A + B born from the merger of DUEMILAUNO socio-educational services and Agenzia Sociale in 2000; in 2019 our Cooperative celebrates 30 years of activity. DUEMILAUNO AGENZIA SOCIALE ranks among the first 500 entreprises in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and with its approximately 700 members and employees, it is one of the largest social enterprise in the the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia. It offers 54 educational / assistential / rehabilitative services and job reintegration of residential and semi-residential character, in an area covering almost all the regional territory.


Trieste Encounters on Science and Innovation

The Trieste Encounters on Science and Innovation (TESI) is an operational tool of the Fondazione Internazionale Trieste to stimulate innovative proposals for the events that will forerun ESOF2020 Trieste during the years 2018-2020 and the events that will take place during the ESOF 2020 week. TESI consists in seven subcommittees which cover a wide spectrum of themes and gather representatives of scientific, cultural, economic and political institutions. The coordinators of the sub-Committees form the TESI Local Programme Committee, in charge to promote and guide the development of the programme for the 2018-2020 events. Each of these consist of 10-15 experts and are supported also by external referees. The TLC Coordinator is Bruno Della Vedova, FIT.


Collaborators and supporters – 33rd Social Firms Europe 2019